What a waste of Times

They’re so well-meaning, our Government, but clearly arrogant and stupid. They seem to think they have come up with a fair housing policy, but, in fact, as pointed out in the Times, it is deliberately deceptive (“affordable” housing), prejudiced and counter-productive.

Here’s the contribution I attempted to make to the debate:

“Outrageous. The term ‘key worker’ is like something out of ‘1984’. Do we really want the sort of society where some individuals receive huge windfalls through arbitrary decisions by faceless, corruptible bureaucrats based on subjective rules drawn up by those in power?

Every property subsidised by the taxpayer and by stealth taxes on developers is a property that is not available to be purchased by someone who may be even more deserving. Prices rise for everyone because these properties are not put on the open market. And this policy reduces overall housing supply, by introducing disincentives to house-builders. Prices for everyone rise even further. And look where that’s got us.

Excuse me, I think I’m about to throw up…”

Trouble is, the Times is one of those organisations, like the BBC, which thinks it’s more important to vet comments than to (like the Guardian) allow debate to actually take place. You write something and it doesn’t appear for hours (if at all).