Getting Serious about UK Energy at the Science Museum

When I was a boy, a visit to the London museums was a major event. I still feel a slight frisson walking through the pedestrian tunnel from South Kensington tube station. But nowadays I’m most likely to visit the V&A (check out the plaster-cast room), since I’ve gained the impression that the conjoined Natural History and Science Museums are now entirely aimed at the under 10 market.

I am therefore intrigued to read that there is an over 18 venue, the Dana Centre, at the Science Museum.

And what’s more there’s an X-rated event on UK energy coming up this Thursday (7-9pm). It seems some kind of simulator has been built to model the sorts of policy choices discussed in Professor David MacKay’s book, Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air, which regular readers of this blog will know as the oft-referenced “SEWTHA”. The event will provide an opportunity to try to square the circle on UK energy policy, because we’re going to have to continue to make a series of tough choices to keep the lights on.

I’m thinking I might go along on Thursday, particularly as the event is organised by Serious Change, who are an eminently sensible bunch.

If anyone’s interested in joining me, it seems the event is free. Details including how to reserve tickets are here.